Entry #5

Geometry Dash and other stuff

2017-05-31 07:56:14 by Malifex

Since I've gotten at least a handful of requests that I'm not always around to reply to (sorry, guy that asked in March), I'd just like to say - if you've read this, you have my permission to use my tracks for anything :P


// Just be sure to credit me. Notifying me would be nice, too, but that's just because I like seeing what people make - don't feel pressured to ask or tell me about something using my stuff.


Thanks for reading! Again, shoutout to @TaintedLogic for being an all-around phenomenal person.


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2017-05-31 08:21:58

Oh, I see.


2017-05-31 11:34:22

Aww...that made my day! <3 Looking forward to your future tracks, Malifex. :)