Hey everyone! :D

2015-06-04 17:08:39 by Malifex

...mh, really haven't posted in a while, huh.

Anyways, I'm (maybe) close to releasing an album/EP, but I don't feel like it's ready yet. Heading off to college, too :P

Here's a preview: https://soundcloud.com/malifexedm/sets/kurokaze-preview


...It'd be great if I could get a little feedback, but knowing how active I actually am here, that might be a bit much Q_Q

I also want to thank @TaintedLogic for all the feedback you've given so far, must have been a lot of work, haha. You're a great guy. Thanks for listening to my stuff.


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2015-06-06 12:00:50

Aww, thanks for the shout-out, Malifex! I enjoy reviewing your tracks. :D Good luck with your future projects, man! ;)